Our mission from the offset was to be a creatively conscious company using sustainably sourced ingredients, fragrances, and packaging.

Ingredients & Fragrances

Lily and Star candles are made from 100% eco soy wax which is vegan, sustainable and biodegradable. Our scents are created using synthetic oils which have captured the identical scents of the natural ingredients in our candles such as the plants and woods we use. Using synthetic oil is a more sustainable way of creating fragrances as pure natural essential oils can result in a lot more wastage of ingredients.

Our candles are made in small batches and individually hand poured. They last 30% longer, burn slower, and are much kinder to the environment than petroleum-based candles. 


It was super important to us that all of our gorgeous colourful product boxes, labels, tissue, thank you postcards, candle care cards, and delivery packaging were environmentally friendly. We also wanted to make sure we used companies that contributed to global reforestation that is why we picked companies to work with that allow us to plant trees for every order we place. 

Our product boxes are biodegradable, compostable, recyclable and the ink used to print the vibrant Lily + Star designs is eco-friendly too. Our product labels are 100% recycled and biodegradable and we especially love that part of the charm of recycled paper are the unique tiny flecks each label has adding to its character. Each thank you card and candle care card we send is made from uncoated recycled paper.  

Recycle or Upcycle

We encourage you to recycle or upcycle our glass candle jars. When you have finished your candle you can reuse the jar to make a lovely little flower vase, a makeup brush holder, or you can even pop a little tealight into the empty jar and enjoy the golden glow behind our colourful labels.


DPD is our chosen delivery company because they are committed to making every parcel they deliver carbon neutral. 

Striving Everyday

We continue to strive every day to be eco-positive and encourage our lovely customers to do the same.